Veteranendag (tender)

Periodically, we engage in tenders, not only to secure new assignments but also to continually push the boundaries of our expertise. Presented here is our submission for the Dutch Veterans Day 2023 campaign, a tender close to our hearts due to our personal connections with veterans, whom we seek to honor further.

Our concept was meticulously crafted:
We curated a striking image designed to captivate attention and evoke emotion—a poignant portrayal that spotlights the veteran and their admirer. Drawing upon our agency’s prowess in visual storytelling, we crafted a narrative that resonates deeply. Veterans Day, a day of tribute and gratitude, served as our focal point.

In our vision, the veteran stands alongside someone actively expressing appreciation, compelling viewers to take action. The call is clear, urging all to adorn themselves with a white carnation, symbolizing gratitude for these remarkable individuals.

Contained within are a plethora of marketing materials, our concept manifesto, and the graphic embodiment of the white carnation’s significance on Veterans Day.

While our placement was second, we take pride in our participation, grateful for the opportunity to contribute. This glimpse into our process reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence.