Stichting SMAAK

Dutch non-profit organization

Founded in 2015, the SMAAK Foundation, “Senioren Met Andere Actief in Kunst, aims for everyone to enjoy art, focusing on vulnerable groups in society. SMAAK has specialized in developing art projects for the elderly. The foundation has established the successful Pop-up Museum SMAAK in Amersfoort. The museum’s collection is curated by active seniors trained as curators. The museum takes place in the middle of care homes and brings the outside world inside. The Pop-up Museum SMAAK has gained national and international acclaim.

The project A Creative Hug For You sought to alleviate seniors’ loneliness during corona by connecting them with young people, after which they engaged in conversation and created a work of art together. This project has since evolved into a school project, in which young people and students aged 16 and over learn to engage in a substantive conversation with someone they do not yet know and then create a (visual) work of art together.

Biezonder supervises the production of these projects, designs all communication tools (posters, website, programs), and takes care of the promotion.