"Simply Brilliant, Neverending Trade, Cutting Edge, Travel Through Time"

Sapphire House Antwerp

an Autograph Collection Hotel by Marriott

Sapphire House Antwerp is located at the first exchange in the world (‘De Handelsbeurs’). The mother of all exchanges. People from all corners of the world traded goods, experiences, stories, and ideas at this place. Exchange meant more than merely an economic transaction where goods were traded alongside precious experiences. The location of the Sapphire House Antwerp used to be “Den Grooten Robijn” (The Big Ruby), referring to the long heritage of trading gems that started in the 1500s. Antwerp brought luxury to Europe. Sapphire House Antwerp is where you become part of those precious and brilliant experiences. It is the place where you connect with the timeless atmosphere of the building, engage with its invigorating and radiant spirit, and indulge in its exquisite care.


For the branding of the Sapphire House Antwerp, we took inspiration from the rich heritage of the building and city. Because the trading of gemstones is anchored in the history of Antwerp, we chose to make the concept of trading and the gemstones themselves tangible; we did this by creating custom brand pillars that will activate the trade and invite guests into the sparkling past of Antwerp.

We designed this graphic element inspired by the gorgeous historical elements of the building.

Corporate Identity

Artist Impression to illustrate what our design for the mini bar menu would look like in real life.

After we have established what the brand should feel and look like, we start the process of making the corporate identity. In this process, we decide how we will activate the brand within the hotel and F&B.

For the Sapphire House Antwerp, we designed the logo & names, color stories, a brand voice, icons & patterns, and the collateral, which concludes items from keycards to restaurant menus.

Signing / Way Finding

For hotels, we design the way finding/ signing. Exterior signing ensures guests experience the brand as soon as they see the building, and interior signing is all the signs and little boards guests will encounter throughout the hotel. We know that our brand is properly activated by designing all these details.

Artist impression of one of the room number designs that we made.


Just like how we activate the brand through the corporate identity, we also do this with the website’s design. By using our brand colors, fonts, and icons, we ensure that our websites are cutting edge and a perfect extension of our offline branding.

Website Design

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