"The art of living"

Hotel Schloss Lieser

an Autograph Collection Hotel by Marriott

Schloss lieser is a contemporary interpretation of an 19th centurty castle. it gives the feel of bygone times with all the luxuries of this day and age. Schloss lieser is all about the art of living: escaping the rush of everyday life and getting back to experiencing life to its fullest.


Let us take you back to a period during which European civilisation flourished, and many masterpieces of literature, music, theatre, and visual art were created. Imagine yourself in the company of the intellectuals, philosophers, scientists, artists, and poets who lived in this era. The one thing that connects them all; they simply had more time. Schloss Lieser enables you to relive these bygone times, find peace of mind and inspires to let your creativity flow effortlessly – just like it did for the people that lived here a century ago. Let us connect this to the times we live in.

Everybody deserves to be treated with undivided attention, so we will do everything in our power to make sure that you have a wonderful experience in our castle: an all-inclusive experience where a whole history lies behind the windows and the future is never far away.

Leave behind your busy schedule and let us show you The Art of Living. Taste it in the famous local wines or in the dishes prepared by our talented chef. Feel it by walking around the countryside or by relaxing your senses with our spa treatments. Experience it by wandering through the long hallways or gazing out of the windows overlooking the castle gardens and the Moselle river.

Corporate Identity

Artist Impression to illustrate what our corporate
identity looks like.

After we have established what the brand should feel and look like, we start the process of making the corporate identity. In this process, we decide how we will activate the brand within the hotel and F&B.

For hotel Schloss Lieser, we designed the logo & names, color stories, a brand voice, icons & patterns, and the collateral, which concludes items from keycards to restaurant menus.

Signing / Way Finding

For hotels, we design the way finding/ signing. Exterior signing ensures guests experience the brand as soon as they see the building, and interior signing is all the signs and little boards guests will encounter throughout the hotel. We know that our brand is properly activated by designing all these details.

One of the signs we designed for Schloss Lieser.


Just like how we activate the brand through the corporate identity, we also do this with the website’s design. By using our brand colors, fonts, and icons, we ensure that our websites are cutting edge and a perfect extension of our offline branding.

Website Design

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