"Glow your own way!"

Hotel Glow Eindhoven

In the heart of Eindhoven city center, you will find Design Hotel Glow. This small-scale hotel, part of Odyssey Hotel Group, is charming and contemporary, the rooms are modern and fully equipped.







Signing/ Wayfinding

For hotels, we design the way finding/ signing. Exterior signing ensures guests experience the brand as soon as they see the building, and interior signing is all the signs and little boards guests will encounter throughout the hotel. We know that our brand is properly activated by designing all these details.

Artist Impression of the external signing

Corporate Identity

After we have established what the brand should feel and look like, we start the process of making the corporate identity. In this process, we decide how we will activate the brand within the hotel.

For Designhotel Glow, we designed the logo & names, color stories, a brand voice, icons & patterns, and the collateral, which concludes items from doorhangers to water bottles.


Just like how we activate the brand through the corporate identity, we also do this with the website’s design. By using our brand colors, fonts, and icons, we ensure that our websites are cutting edge and a perfect extension of our offline branding.

Website Design