Get Flexible

Get Flexible has been active in corporate fitness, personal training, private swimming lessons, and training since 1996. In addition, Get Flexible is heavily involved in various sports clubs and companies such as Nike.

Get Flexible has a team of professional sports instructors and provides management training to instructors to convey the right vision of the gym. In sports and health, Get Flexible is a total provider and innovator, frequently consulted by individuals and leading organizations inside and outside the sports industry.

  • Logo design
  • Corporate identity design
  • Website development
  • Design leaflets
  • Design of social media platforms
  • Content management


Here you see a little showcase of some of the latest thins we designed for Get Flexible;

Web development

The website of Get Flexible is based on a though and sporty look: Black and white images combined with large typography.

A set of style rules has been compiled for the headers. Every time the page loads, the website chooses from that set. 

As a result, the headings look slightly different each time. Flexible, but though, just like Get Flexible.

For the logo we used an svg and applied a bit of mask magic to it.

This cuts the logo out of the header so that you can see the background image through it.

Such a mask works by cutting the black image out of the white image. So in this case, the logo is all black, and the header all white, as you can see below:

<div class=”clip-magic”><svg version=”1.1″ id=”Layer_1″ x=”0px” y=”0px” xml:space=”preserve” style=”width:100%; height:100%;”><mask id=”clip-path”> <rect width=”100%” height=”100px” fill=”white”/><path d=”M16.4,62.2c0-0.7,…16.4,62.2z” fill=”black”/></mask><rect width=”100%” height=”100px” fill=”rgba(255,255,255,1)” mask=”url(#clip-path)”/></svg></div>

website homepage