Didot 34

Restaurant & bar @ The Slaak

Step into the visually curated world of Didot34, where design excellence permeates every facet of our space. Social Hour, every Friday at 17.00, unfolds as a vibrant celebration with carefully crafted 50s cocktails. Our bar, an artistic canvas, hosts storytellers and journalists, setting a retro-chic atmosphere that resonates with the era’s glamour. Immerse yourself in the curated aesthetics of a retro-styled DJ booth, cocktail tastings, and the opportunity to acquire a signature Cocktail package at our design-centric Kiosk.
Our design narrative extends to unique Coffee events featuring the Cook & Boon Coffee Car, complemented by newspapers from collaborating publishers. Jazz Nights, Sunday Brunch, and On the Record night showcase the 50s aesthetic through visually appealing live entertainment, curated food, and drinks. Relish the design of a special Champaign fountain, and indulge in the visually captivating 50s-themed menu, where cocktails, burgers, and fries are presented with an artistic twist.
Didot34 transcends the ordinary—it’s a design-forward co-working space in 50s style, attracting a discerning crowd. Elevate your experience by selecting your favorite fifties tunes on our carefully curated record player, creating a design-rich ambiance that seamlessly intertwines creativity and nostalgia with each visit.