Twenty years ago, our Biezonder journey started!

We are so grateful and happy for all the brands and stories we got to make and look forward to telling stories and making brand power for the following 20 years. Building a brand is about creating a new competitive space. Or about finding the blue ocean. We love that metaphor. Just like the quote from the author of Le Petit Prince:

If you want people to build a ship, don’t give them wood and nails, but an endless longing for the sea.

At Biezonder, we believe that extraordinary times require extraordinary brands. We use the power of design to create distinctive brands that are meaningful, memorable, and iconic. You don’t build a strong brand on past data. That takes vision, guts, and the power of innovation. Whether you’re a consumer or retail brand, an established corporate brand, or a challenger brand, our objective is always effectiveness, and our strategy is extraordinary design. We know what we talk about with 20 years of brand design experience.