"Cogito, ergo sum lorum ipsum dolir sit amet"
- Descartes & a copywriter


Stories move our world.

When certainties are crumbling and we experience an overload of information – we are in the midst of a new era: a time of intellectual change that demands new thinking for successful action.

Meaning and identification are more important today than ever before. People need stories to order the complexities of their lives. They serve their imaginations. They inspire confidence. They convey morality and ethics. They provide justification and explanation and help us with advice, warnings, and information.

We live in a world where facts alone make no difference, and only stories create larger contexts. So brands in business, culture, and politics face entirely new challenges.

That’s why Biezonder follows this strategy:

Strategy is storytelling!
If a strategy cannot be told, it is not a strategy!

– Barry, Creative Director

Strategy as a story means acting differently – in all central areas of action of the organization!

At Biezonder, we believe that extraordinary times require extraordinary brands. We use the power of design to create distinctive brands that are meaningful, memorable, and iconic. Whether you’re a consumer or retail brand, an established corporate brand, or a challenger brand, our objective is always effectiveness, and our strategy is extraordinary design. With 20 years of brand design experience under our belts, we know what we talk about.

Our projects range from Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Packaging Design, Brand Guardianship, and Brand Experience to Digital Activation.