At Biezonder, we highly value art. Based on this vision, we are happy to contribute to cultural projects at a reduced rate. For several years, we have collaborated with Stichting Smaak, “Senioren Met Andere Actief in Kunst” (Seniors With Others Active in Art) to produce pop-up museums for seniors and other projects so that the opinions, tastes, and artistic knowledge of the elderly are heard more.

“Seniors With Others Active in Art.”


The pop-up museums are temporary in care homes curated by seniors with a sense of art. The project A Creative Hug For You sought to alleviate seniors’ loneliness during corona by connecting them with young people, after which they engaged in conversation and created a work of art together. This project has since evolved into a school project, in which young people and students aged 16 and over learn to engage in a substantive conversation with someone they do not yet know and then create a (visual) work of art together.

Biezonder supervises the production of these projects, designs all communication tools (posters, website, programs), and takes care of the promotion.